Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peek-a-boo.. Here I am!

Kids, fun and family have made time in my world fly lately.  The kids have been exhausted and exhausting at the same time.  We were able to sneak away for a couple of weeks on Memorial Day weekend (one of the many reasons you have not heard from me lately).  The kids had an awesome time, even if it did wear me out.  It is always nice to see and spend time with family. 

Memorial Day weekend we stopped off at Mr. Wonderful’s family’s house.  We were able to ride 4-wheeler, swim, eat, and play.  After that we headed to our hometown and enjoyed a week of fun with friends and family. 

The funny thing about the whole trip was that my family really didn’t believe it when I said Biggie was a handful.  They have now seen it first hand and will no longer deny anything I have to say about it. 

He screams at the top of his lungs anytime something he doesn’t want to go on..goes on.  He has also resorted to stalking me.  Anytime I am out of visual range he walks around crying or chanting “momma”.  I really hate taking a shower with a child hysterically crying and beating on the door.  To look at the bright side though, at least he isn’t sticking metal objects into the electrical sockets…yet. 

I think this phase and potty training have got to be the worse things known to man, and unfortunately for me they seem to come back to back. 

Back to what I was saying..

Being home was wonderful, it reminded me about all the things I miss about the south.  Let me count them…

·      Beaches
·      Sweet Tea..EVERYWHERE
·      Fried Food..EVERYWHERE
·      Friends
·      Momma
·      Mr. Wonderful’s Momma
·      Going out with friends
·      Marsh
·      Sweet Tea
·      Sweet Tea
·      Beaches

I think that about covers it!

One thing I do not miss is the heat.  I really hate when people up here in Pennsylvania complain, “it is sooo hot whiney whiney whine whine”.  I just want to tell them they have no idea what the hell hot is… hot is when your pool feels like a nice hot bath, or your shoe melts to the concrete in the WalMart parking lot.. That is hot!!

So glad to be back in my own space with all my stuff I love so dearly.  Can’t wait to head back again soon.  Hoping it may be permanent. 

Oh, and I graduated..:)


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