Friday, July 9, 2010

Does a Taser look like a gun?

Why do all our vacations/moves have a crazy story?  This trip was not any different.  For the Fourth of July weekend we decided to go about an hour away and stay at a hotel.  We have season passes to a small water/roller coaster park here.  With another imminent move we thought it would be a nice outing for the kids before the chaos began.

The usual conversations took place on the way.  Things like "I'm hungry" and "I have to pee"…nothing really out of the ordinary.  Driving a long though, I did notice Mr. Wonderful was flying past all these cars.  I proceeded to tell him "you need to slow down".  Not even 5 minutes after the words exited my mouth a blue light special appeared in our mirror.  Mr. Wonderful went straight into denial "He's not after me, I wasn't speeding".

Needless to say, Mr. Wonderful got a lovely ticket for going 19 mph over the speed limit.  After that really nice officer let us go, Sunny Bear proceeded to ask, "Does a Taser look like a gun?"  

You mean to tell me the whole time we were sitting there this 5 year old was wondering if her daddy was going to get tasered or not? Is it me or does she watch too much Cops?  

After that incident we were all in a somewhat bad mood.  What a way to damper a nice weekend away...  Unfortunately it seemed to spiral downward.  Every week we use a small credit card for things like gas, food and such.  It is a credit card we have had for about 4-5 years.  Every week it was always the same thing, I'd pay it and we'd use it. No big deal right?  Well, this particular week they decided to hold our funds for 10 days, meaning the funds were taken from our bank account and no applied to the credit card.  Mr. Wonderful proceeded to call and received the run-around about where the money actually was, and how we were loyal customers but there was nothing they could do.  

Needless to say, my theory is that they were mad because they didn't make any interest on our card because we were constantly paying it off.  They decided to hold our money to make us suffer.  We no longer have this card it was cancelled that day.

The rest of our vacation was pretty much uneventful.  There were, however, 50 million people and their kids, mommas, brothers, uncles there.  And here is my proof....

It's really sad when there are more people in the pool than water.