Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Body Art..

Biggie has recently started to deface objects, somewhat like his sister.  Just the other day Mr. Wonderful caught him seconds from writing on the wall with a marker.

They both have been so destructive lately, that even though we needed a new kitchen table because one of the chairs came apart, we have decided to hang on to this one for a while longer.  This table is so bad that the actual seat part has come completely off.  Mr. Wonderful displayed his "handiness" and nailed it back together but I am pretty sure it will not last another year.

Biggie is like a stealth when it comes to getting a pen, pencil or marker.  Even though we think they are out of his reach he builds these intricate ladders when we are not looking and grabs the most permanent thing he can find.

Yesterday was not any different.  I had some markers on the table and was supervising Sunny Bear as she made mother's day cards.  Apparently Biggie got ahold of some invisibilty spray and somehow obtained one of these markers.

Pink looks lovely on him.  Disregard the cookie face.

I think he also felt that one of his favorite toys needed a facelift as well.

A word to the wise.. if you have a child under the age of 5 and the house is suddenly quiet, there is something wrong.