Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where have I been?

Wow, I didn't realize that I had not blogged in quite awhile.  I guess life has been keeping me busy.

Biggie is doing much better these days.  He has resorted back to his old ways of climbing the kitchen table and hanging from the light fixtures, terrorizing the cat, dropping Legos and Barbies into the fish tank and running from me at any chance given.  Although he spends the majority of his days doing those things I just mentioned, he has grown into a sweet "mommas boy".  He is always looking for a chance to cuddle with his mom.

Sunny has been doing good.  Her new "big girl" tooth is growing in and she is constantly talking about her teeth and how big she is getting.  This is her last official week of school, but last night she was very sick.  Today she is doing much better but has a fever.  I really hate that she will miss school tomorrow but I really do not want her spreading her disease.

Just a quick update.  It has been raining like crazy here, so we have been cooped up yet again.  We will be getting ready for a trip to Georgia in the coming weeks.  The kids and I will be there for almost a month.  We have some trips to Alabama and North Georgia planned!