Friday, May 7, 2010

A new phase..

On Wednesday evening, Sunny and Biggie were playing.  He was laying on her and bouncing up and down.  All seemed well.  They were both laughing and seemingly having a good time.

Lately, it seems that these times come a some sort of price.  While they were playing Biggie put something into Sunny's mouth and out popped her tooth.  Before I could say a word, Sunny began to cry.  Freaking out that her tooth had come out.  I started shouting "It will grow back"!  Sunny was then excited that the tooth fairy was coming to visit and went to bed at a decent hour without fussing about it.

If only every night the tooth fairy, easter bunny or Santa would come.  Wait, then I'd be broke.  I think I'll just deal with the nighttime drama.

Here is Sunny so proud!