Monday, July 26, 2010


I felt a little nostalgic when I finally left Pennsylvania.  I really hated that place but it is where I had Biggie and lived for the past two years.  Things are changing and there is never really any way to know if it is a good thing or if it will be in the best interest of my entire family.  I can only hope that things will work out and that we can all be together again soon.

For the past five years, we have constantly moved.  These moves have always been the result of Mr. Wonderful's Oil and Gas Pipeline jobs.  Once he is done with his work, we always moved on.  With one kid it was always an adventure.  We had a passion for moving and seeing the United States.  For me, it was a break from the life I had lived 20 years. 

Since Biggie came a long two years ago, our focus changed.  We want to provide our children with sometime of stability.  If it was a given that we would always live somewhere for 2-4 years I don't think we would have a problem continuing on that road.  But in this business it is never a given and you are constantly fearing for another move.  This is the main reason I decided to bring my kids home.  I never made any real friends in Pennsylvania, so I was always in a depressed funk.  Yesterday I weighed myself, and over the course of 6 months I have gained 10 pounds.  I just can't believe that this is how everything has worked out. 

I'm sitting here with my happy and healthy kids that miss their daddy now and I am on a diet.