Monday, February 15, 2010

A first thought..

For my first blog post I am unsure what to write. I didn’t think it would be that hard. I am my favorite topic but then again it is hard to concentrate when kids are screaming and chaos has begun. I guess I can start off with the fact that I am ready for spring. Kids locked up inside for any length of time have the ability to drive you completely crazy. Not to mention my oldest (sunny bear) has been out of school for some time. In the month of January she managed to make it to school 7 days. Wow. A whole seven days. She is in Pre-k so only goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This month she has managed to go 2 days. So needless to say it has been a rough few months.

I am from the south where you can wear shorts all year. Here you are locked in your house from November until at least March. This is something that gives me depression around February. So here I sit, Sunny Bear is home from school yet again and complaining about blocks that she decided to throw all over the floor. I do not get it. How is it she can throw the blocks on the floor but it is MY responsibility to pick them up?

Biggie doesn’t treat me that way, at least not yet. He is 16 months old. Currently he is asleep. I wish Sunny Bear would take a nap. Then I could really get some things done.


Braden said...

Don't you love that? My daughter does that, too.

Life with boys... said...

the sun will shine soon! In the meantime enjoy a yummy snack and break out the art box!