Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is my Sunny Bear Stuart?

Sunny Bear is always trying new ways to get my attention if it isn’t focused on her at all times. I thought this would change after Little Man Man was born but I was wrong again. She has recently resorted to the “Look at what I can do” trick which has reminded me of Stuart from Mad TV. Stuart was an eccentric child played by an older man. His portrayal, however, has become very familiar in my house. Recently I watched Stuart online and I now realize that he portrays every 4-7 year old alive. From his incessant “momma” to his demonic growls when he is not happy, Stuart is my Sunny Bear.

I guess I'm lucky though because she is not quite as manipulative as Stuart. I love you Sunny Bear!


Life with boys... said...

Okay so where do you think they get their material in the first place? ;) LOL Of course it is from watching kids, and just think one day you will miss this!

Braden said...