Sunday, February 28, 2010

While I was out..

What a weekend this has been. It has been relaxing and kind of crazy at the same time. Kids always keep it exciting, but it is nice to have Mr. Wonderful around for moral support on the weekends. The weekend started great, we found out that we are moving into a new place. I have not told anyone really so this is my official announcement. We are moving to an apartment that will meet our needs better than our current house, and it is in a new town closer to the big city. The big day is April 10th. It is great to have a long notice on a move, something I am not used too. I have packed up our entire house in a week or two more than once. I have 40 days so I’m not going to waste any time.

Sunny Bear did not have school once again on Friday so I had them both with me. Mr. Wonderful has had to take my car to work because I have four wheel drive and the snow has not been friendly to us this winter. So, I was trapped at home Thursday and Friday of last week. So, when Saturday came I knew I needed to get out.

Saturday we went to our wonderful mall (small). It was just lovely because we saw some wonderful Girl Scouts there and was able to stock up on Samoa’s and Thin Mints. I apologize to my butt ahead of time for the extra winter weight and the fat from stuffing my face with cookies.

Afterward, I took Sunny to eat some cracker barrel. I always enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with Sunny. Since she has not had a lot of school lately she has craved more attention from me. I have major “mommy guilt” because I cannot always provide her with the attention she needs.

Meanwhile, while Sunny and I were out enjoying our meal, Mr. Wonderful and Biggie were having some male bonding time at home. After eating Sunny and I went to the wonderful world of Wal-Mart for some much needed *not* shopping.

Sundays are always relaxing. I clean the house and do some grocery shopping. The grocery store here is awesome and has a child care area. I took Sunny and dropped her off. I grabbed a Starbucks and shopped in silence with no one nagging “can I have that”? It was amazing, and if you are a parent you know that it is a vacation to go grocery shopping alone. You might as well be on a Caribbean Island somewhere. Well, maybe not that great but it’s still pretty awesome.

There was a lady in front of me when I went to check out and she had 6 things. 6 THINGS.. She scanned three of her items, paid for them and proceeded to do another transaction for that last three items. *no big deal* But afterward, she proceeded to bag her items at the end of the belt. It was my turn so I waited exactly 1 minute *I counted* and she was still at the end. She had not bagged her items yet.. I don’t know what she was doing. Maybe she thought that her items would magically jump into the bag; she was just hanging out. She then started bagging her items slower than a one legged dog on tranquilizers.

Anyways, I started working on my items because I felt I had waited long enough for this women. As I started working on my items she shot me the dirtiest look I had ever seen. ARE YOU FORREAL? She has no idea who I am or what I could do to her but she is looking at me like I am a monster all because she was taking 20 years to bag her groceries.

Moral of the story... The average person is stupid.