Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seriously, Where does all this crap come from?

There is a little known secret that when you have kids you develop piles of hoard all over your house in the form of toys. It is amazing how toys continue to multiply over a span of a year. I have to admit that that the one good thing about moving is that we really have to keep toys and other junk down to a minimum. After two or three toys in a year we’d tell Sunny Bear she had reached her maximum allowance of toys in a year because we just could not move a ton of junk every 6 months. But, we have been in one state for 18 months now and the crap has grown out of control.

Hoard/Clutter causes me massive anxiety. 
I just can’t stand to look at it ANYMORE! I throw something away and it can multiply into three other things; toys are amazing like that. And my god at the McDonalds toys..Do they really have to give them a toy with every meal?

So today I have had enough. It is time to commence "Operation Purge the Hoard". My friend Hefty and I got it all cleaned up relatively easy while sunny bear was entranced in Hannah Montana. I’m glad she didn’t bother me, I really can’t stand it when she in the room while I’m purging all her junk she never plays with. She reasons quite well and we end up throwing away a half of a Lego and a half eaten Barbie shoe.

So, since I am supermom and so awesome, I documented this occasion for those that need a visual (like me).

I mean really did the toy box just throw up??  This is actually not that bad, but lookie lookie what I found while cleaning this mess up.

Mmm, nothing like a good month old Sun Chip with a little toy box flavoring.
Sunny Bear is chanting -- "Treasures I tell you!! I can't part with them."

The book shelf threw up too. 

And I seriously curse the guy or girl that invented stuffed animals.  I mean really?? Every time we visit some place new, Sunny feels the need to have a new "baby".  They all have names too; Sarah, Marah, Pearah, Flower Power Sparkle Queen, Mr. Pig, Mr. Dog.. I could go on for days but you get the picture.  She is now beating the Octomom and Duggar Family with 29 babies, minus the 6 I threw away today. *shh, don't tell her*

And finally here is a picture of my friend Hefty, she's a little camera shy.  Yes, that is all that I threw away today so far.  I am working on a fourth bag though.

Funny thing about all of this is that Sunny Bear will never even notice what is gone. Kids and all there paraphernalia, it's more work than the kids by themselves.