Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mommy Day Out

I took Sunny Bear to see The Tooth Fairy today. I haven’t taken a day to just be with her in awhile so we had a great time. Not to mention I got to see The Rock Dwayne Johnson in tights! *hot* I enjoy watching those movies with Sunny Bear because of the eye candy time we spend together.

On top of it all it was SUNNY out today!! I cannot tell you how long it has been since the sun has shown. Have I mentioned lately that I am soo tired of snow? *eye roll*

Before we left Mr. Wonderful decided to build a fort for the kids. Biggie took much joy in pulling it down as soon as he got it up. The fact that there was a giant fort in the living room made Sunny Bear change her mind several times about a mommy day out but finally around lunch time she decided we would venture out for a fun filled day at the movies.

First, we headed to Chic-Fila though. I love the fact that no matter where you live, they always have sweet tea. This makes me happy, just like sunshine! Chic-Fila was “packed out”. This is according to the ever knowledgeable Sunny Bear, so we ate and ran.

The movie was really cute, Sunny enjoyed it. It is really hard to keep her attention in the movie theater but we managed to sit through the whole thing. Good thing, because I was really enjoying the kid kicking the back of my chair the entire time.

Overall, it was a wonderful day with Sunny Bear!