Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Trees and Kindergarten

I have to admit, I feel like I have been going 100mph lately. It has been a little busy around here and will continue to be that way the next few months. I like busy, I handle it well and it actually makes things tolerable in Pennsylvania. The bad thing that comes with it, though, is being home sick. I go through phases off and on, some days are good and some are bad. I thought that the longer I was away from home the easier it would be but I guess I was wrong.

Recently, Mr. Wonderful and I have been doing some digging around on our family trees. It is really neat to see where we have come from but it can be a little disturbing too. It is important to understand the roles our ancestors played in our very own creation.

So about me, I found out that I am from Georgia!! There is no way in denying I am full blooded American. My family was one of the first family’s to settle in the United States from England. My family is also one of the first family’s to have lived in South Carolina. My blood line has been in Georgia since the early 1600’s. I guess that explains why I am so pale.

Mr. Wonderful has had a harder time finding out anything about his family. They are from Puerto Rico and are constantly changing last names. On his dad’s side he is the first generation born in the United States. This makes him interesting.

I have a lot more digging to go through, it is really fun if you do not know a lot about your family or where they came from. I did find one thing that really tickled us all. The names are awesome, and my great great grandfathers name was Jabe Jabez.. I love it!!! We have decided if there ever is a 3rd child, they are getting that name in some way, shape or form. Haha!

Other than that, we have had an exciting March so far. I registered Sunny Bear for Kindergarten yesterday. I, in no way, feel old enough to have a child entering school. I remember Kindergarten. It is amazing how time flies and how fast kids grow up. It seems like yesterday Sunny Bear was given the name “sunny”. It seems like yesterday she could fit on my arm from my hand to my elbow while I bathed her. I am, however, glad the colic has passed; although I still wonder with her and all her whining!

Biggie, on the other hand, has been trying my patience as a parent. Boys are so different. All he wants to do is climb and deliberately try to hurt himself. The other night when Sunny Bear was at gymnastics with Mr. Wonderful, Biggie was standing on the couch and literally walking off the edge of it to fall on the floor. He did this several times and laughed like it was no big deal each time. I grabbed the camera and he stopped, so I have nothing to share.   :(

They are both sweet kids though, I am very lucky. I know one day that will all change and registering Sunny for Kindergarten is just one step closer to the teenage years.


Life with boys... said...

Yes boys are something else!!! We made it a whole year without a trip to the ER, a positive in my book.

I can't believe Sunny is going to start Kindergarten soon, aahh!

Eat it all up, each moment if you can, it will only last so long.