Monday, March 22, 2010

Not me Monday and more..

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This morning was not the best morning ever. I don’t know what it is but I feel pretty blah today. Maybe it is the rain, maybe it is my first day since my mouth surgery that I have been alone with the kids, or maybe I just need a vacation. I think it is the vacation, that sounds nice. Whatever it is, I have wanted to pull my hair out all morning. Thankfully, Sunny finally went to school and Biggie is napping. I should be working on my final paper for school, but I felt like blogging would make me feel better and plus writing about malpractice insurance is super boring anyways.

We have been working on getting Biggie off the bottle (from here on out referred to as the “baa baa”). He is a milk-a-holic and it is time. I do not need a 4 year old walking around with a “baa baa” in their mouth, 18 months is plenty in my book Imjustsayin. Parenthood is like a roller coaster. One minute things are fine and dandy and then the next step comes along and throws you for a loop. There is sleeping through the night, solid foods, sleeping in their own bed, sleeping in their own room, getting rid of the “baa baa”, feeding themselves and then my ultimate favorite potty training. Notice I left out one thing, passy’s or binky’s whatever your key phase is. Well I have been fortunate to never have to deal with those things. My kids just get attached to milk and their “baa baa’s”.

So anyways, Biggie is going through “baa baa” withdraw and it is not a pretty sight. He has been going crazy, crying, whining “baa baa”. Now, I wasn’t strong enough 3 months ago, I gave in and gave him his “baa baa” back, but not this time. I will stand strong. In a week he will forget all about the infamous “baa baa” and hopefully be back to his happy self.

So back to my morning of terror, it all started like a normal morning. But about 30 minutes into it Biggie was hollering something fierce as if he had not ever been fed in his entire life. So, being the supermom I am, I got up and fixed pancakes. I gave Biggie some cereal while he waited, which he then decided to smash with his new and improved big boy cup. Not cool. After I made the first pancake I gave that to him, he then proceeded to feed the dog. WTH?! 5 minutes ago you were screaming for food, but now nothing?

After breakfast, I like to enjoy a little downtime before I have to begin cleaning, dressing, changing, and combing so I was watching one of my shows on the DVR. Biggie then decides to throw himself hysterically onto the floor. Now I always tell him he is going to fall and “bust his face in” and that is exactly what he did. This boy is going to get the best of me.

We have the house baby gated so he cannot get out to where the stairs are. He thinks it is a game now; he climbs out and runs from me. Godhelpme!

And finally, when I have to brush his hair or teeth it is an ordeal and it makes me not even want to bother. But being the supermom I am, I do it.  I have to chase him down, hold him down in order to get him to let me do it. Man boys are a handful! They need to come with instructions or warnings. Something along the lines of; this child will do 90 to 100 percent of the following by the age of two:

Poop and Pee on you (in some cases more than once).

They color on themselves, furniture, carpet, car doors, pets, walls and basically anything that is decent looking to begin with.

He will run from you, but strangers will take joy in saying “oh how cute”? *Then why don’t you chase him a little while *thankyouverylittle*

He will bite you (sometimes more than once, and it will hurt).

Poop in the tub.

Climb and jump from the highest heights, giving you a heart attack more than once.

Climb on the kitchen table and pour out all the salt and pepper shakers.

Grab the toilet bowl brush and run around the house with it, pretending it is a wand.

Growl at you.

He will run out the door at any given chance to chase the FedEx man down the driveway while saying “Hiya”.

He will hit the TV with a baseball bat.

He will hit his sister with a princess wand.

He will rip books in half.

He will smash pop tarts into the carpet.

He will squeeze the milk out of their bottle into a puddle on the floor.

He will also squeeze a juice box onto the floor as well as their high chair. This will cover their food in a nice pond of juice.

He will also adore his mother.

So, with that said here is my Not Me Monday.

While making breakfast and trying to keep Biggie from screaming I would not ever in a million years give him chocolate chips, nope not me!

I would never let Biggie eat a cookie he threw over the couch the next day because I just do not have the strength to get it from him and hear him cry, nope I would never do that. Not me!

I would never feed my children ham and cheetos (all natural) for lunch and then get myself McDonalds. I would never ever do that it is just not right. Not me.

I did not clean out the car and throw away ever single toy that was in there. I would never throw away the 397 McDonald’s toys in the car. Not me, no never.

Finally, I would never leave the children with Mr. Wonderful to go and buy salt. Then wander aimlessly around Target for over an hour just to be without my kids. I would never ever ever do such a thing. NOT ME.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?


Life with boys... said...

oooh what a day, I have to admit I sat there going yep had that happen, and that too, ooh and that one too, oh and I almost forgot about that one...

tomorrow is another day, rest up cause it might prove to be another rough one.

Stay strong mom, no more "baa baas", a hurdle you will be glad to jump soon enough.