Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!!

Today Biggie is a year and a half (18 months for those that like math).  It seems like yesterday Sunny was celebrating her 18 month birthday!  It was funny because last night Mr. Wonderful and I were talking about it.  He said, "Where did we live when she was 18 months old?"  That is really how we have to figure out things these days when it comes to milestones and Sunny's age in relation to Biggies.  So, for those wondering we lived in Hazard, Kentucky when Sunny turned 18 months.
Here is Sunny when she was 18 months old in Hazard.
This seems like a million years ago now!

Here is my tribute to the Birthday boy!

September 29, 2008

March 29, 2010


Life with boys... said...

Happy 1/2 birthday big boy!