Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 13th time is the charm..

Well the big day is coming up quite rapidly.  I can’t believe that there are only 9 more days until we move a ….let me count….13th time in 5 years!!! We I decided we should move somewhere that is better suited for our family.  I do not like the house that we currently live in, nor will I keep that information to myself.  The driveway is Mount Rushmore and requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle in the winter.  The front yard is not any better.  The house is old, and smells like old people.  It just does not and has not ever felt like a home to me! 

So, today I was packing.  I have been sick, and really not wanting to do anything lately except take a hit of Biggie's bubble gum flavored antibiotics.  Too bad I’m allergic.   *yum*

Back to the packing, I was in the attic and I realized that we have a lot of crap.  In the past month I have thrown away about 13 garbage bags full of crap.  I have also donated 3 bags of clothes and sold some things at a consignment shop. 

What in the heck have I been doing this last year and a half?  It looks as if I am stockpiling useless crap for the apocalypse.  We have everything you could possibly need including; Barbie heads, 0-3 month baby clothes, old pregnancy magazines, old wallets, purses, shoes, mummified chicken nuggets, a Barbie head that sings, VHS tapes, about 27 1/2 scarves, hats and gloves and  finally more stuffed animals than any one person should own in an entire lifetime.

Can someone please explain the use of 10,001 stuffed animals?  I mean really.  I throw them away and they multiply.  I have run out of places to put them.  

I really do look forward to moving.  It keeps me busy and allows me to clean out the crap that I am too lazy to get rid of any other time.  Maybe I should call Hoarders?