Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did you have a case of the Mondays?

Biggie is sick yet again!  It seems like when the temperature drops to under 50 degrees he always gets a wicked snot and a double ear infection.  Yesterday was his follow-up appointment from the ear infection he had two weeks ago.  TAA DAA he now has an Upper Respiratory Infection along with a double ear infection.  Not to mention, he screamed in my ear the entire time the doctor was checking him out.

Needless to say, that was only the start of my manic monday.

Since the move, I have to drive 30-45 minutes (depending on traffic) to take Sunny to her preschool.  I do this because there is only a month left and she has been with these kids for  almost two years now.  I wouldn't want to take that away.  I'll let summer vacation and Kindergarden do that.

Back to what I was saying!  The doctor is near her school, so I thought "wow this will be perfect!" Biggie's appointment was at 10:30 and her school is at 12:30.  Two birds with one stone!  I forgot that anything that involves kids is never that easy.

So we did the doctor thing and then I went over to the drive-thru pharmacy and dropped off the prescription.  I try to avoid taking the two kids out of the car whenever possible.  Afterward I head over to the gas station and wow the gas pump will not take my credit card.  So, I have to take the two kids out of the car and into the store in order to be able to pump $34.80 of gas!  I tell the cashier that the credit card machine on that pump is not working and she snidely says " I know".  Thanks for the heads up lady..

Now, your probably wondering why I just didn't go to another pump.  Well that would be simple but this gas station has lines..LONG LINES and you have to wait for you turn behind 4 other cars.  I only go there in a crappy attempt to save a little money.

While I was pumping gas, I started having massive heartburn.  I do get heartburn occasionally but it is usually after I eat.  Not right before I am supposed to eat.  I had nothing with me and I was literally about to ralph in a parking lot somewhere so I drug the two kids out of the car and into Target.  GREAT!  As I was combing the aisles for relief Sunny Bear graces me with her "I have to pee NOW!"  Everything with a child is instant.  There is no reasoning with this fact.  There is no asking a child "well why didn't you tell me when we were actually near a bathroom?" This is because the only answer you will ever get is "I don't know!"

Thank god for my friend that lets Biggie and I hang out while our girls are at preschool.  He did manage an hour nap but remained pretty mad at the world for the rest of the day.  Poor guy is sick.. so what can I do except bake him some cookies right?

I had this thought in my mind when I was finally able to return home close to 5pm.  The house was a mess, I was angry, Mr. Wonderful had a bad day, the kids were hungry, and I was just ready to crawl into bed.

I worked for about 2 hours and was finally ready to make cookies when I noticed I did not have a cookie sheet.  I had two in the old house. What in the world?  So, at 7:20pm I ran to the store for a cookie sheet.  All because I thought cookies would make Biggie feel better!

After narrowly escaping with my life in the parking lot (after two disgruntled women went at it all over a parking place).  I made it home and I made cookies.

Everyone enjoyed them and we all lived happily ever after.

Biggie is doing much better today.  He is climbing again.. and into everything.  I am just exhausted thinking about keeping up with him.

Yesterday was not my first nor my last hard day, but I will take it.  My children are taken care of and I can cuddle with them any time I want too!

It just seems like lately all the chaos falls on a Monday.  I never really cared about Mondays, especially since I haven't worked in 4 and half years!

My kids are so sweet when they do not feel good, they love to cuddle.  Here are some pictures I caught of Sunny and Biggie snuggling.  I do plan on using these for blackmail one day when they can not stand each other.