Thursday, April 29, 2010

A great day for a walk..

I know it has almost been a week since I last posted.  School and transporting the kids has kept me busy this past week.  Biggie has been sick but is doing much better thank goodness.  Other then that, it has been the usual array of cleaning, poop, cleaning poop, feeding, chaos, mummified chicken nuggets and snot!  The only thing new in my world is the contemplation of summer events and the fact that Sunny has decided she wants a snake.  -more on that later-

After freezing temperatures last night today shaped up to be a very nice day.  When Mr. Wonderful came home from work we loaded up the kiddos, a bike and a wagon and headed to the park.  We parked about a half mile from our favorite park and walked/rode to the park.  I have really missed doing things like this.  I have always been a very active person but when we lived in the dungeon (old house) I really was not myself.  I feel happier everyday!!

Anyways, I was able to shoot some nice pictures of the kiddos!

Sunny getting ready for our journey.

Fun at the park!

Biggie and his usual face.  He somewhat resembles a Pug when he makes this face.  Am I wrong?

A better picture.

Beautiful babies:)

On the way back to the car Sunny was tired and hungry.

When we arrived home they were playing by a light pole.  They posed for one picture for me.  I have a really hard time getting a picture with both of them looking.  This is very rare.