Thursday, April 15, 2010

So tired..

We are in love with out new place.  Things have been pretty crazy this past week.  The in-laws joined us last friday to help with the move and Boy was I spoiled with all the help.  I forget how much family can help when it comes to the kids.  Sunny really enjoyed all the attention and ever since they left on Tuesday she has been whining from the massive decline in the amount of attention.

Biggie now enjoys free reign of the house.  I figured out quickly that we have to keep him out of the bathrooms.  He climbs the toilet then straddles the toilet paper holder and climbs into the sink.  He then has access to an array of kid friendly items including mouthwash, contact solution, and face wash.

Anyways, we had a mishap with Biggie's crib during the move.  So the decision was made to move him into a bed.  So, last night was his first night in the bed and that went really well.  He looks so grown and cute sleeping in a "big boy" bed.

Mr. Wonderful snuck in and took a picture..all the while I was telling him "if you wake him up you are dealing with him."

Today was a different story though.  I put him in for a nap and he was up.  He would walk to and from the door and I would hear him on the monitor talking and riding his rocking horse.

I put him into bed 4 different times and then moments later I found this:

That is him on the floor cuddled up with his blanket..asleep!

He takes after his momma.  We both like to sleep and we can pretty much do it anywhere.


Life with boys... said...

glad you are adjusting well, even with the 19 mi drive to Sunny's school.

Love the pics of biggie, too sweet!

hawapanas said...

please visit ok