Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break in 1500 words or less..

I was standing in the shower; the water pouring down on me like rain.  I enjoy these little times to myself.  Today, however, is different.  All I hear is screaming.   It is in these instances that I wish I drank something stronger than sweet tea.

I guess I should start from the beginning.  It has been a long winter in our household and now that spring is here it has been really nice to finally get the kids out the house.  This past week (Wednesday to  Wednesday) has been Sunny Bear’s spring break from school.  The only word to really describe this past week is exhausting. 

I am in no way a perfect mother, I have my flaws but this past week was not good.  I feel that it is only a prelude to the summer when Sunny has no school at all. 

So let me break it all down so that you (the readers) have a better understanding about what made this week tough exhausting.

Thursday started out just fine and dandy.  It was actually a good day.  Sunny was able to play with her friend from next-door most of the day so she wasn’t too bad.  Biggie on the other hand was a total mess.  He screamed for me every moment that I was not in the same room as him.  He kicked, threw fits and hit me. 

He also threw blocks at Sunny Bear when he did not get his way.  I had no idea such a little sweet boy could have such a temper.  To top that all off, he didn’t eat his dinner and only wanted to eat snack food all day. 

I was so happy that Thursday was not my “bath night”.  Biggie once again left presents in the bathtub for Mr. Wonderful.

Friday, I took the kids out to run some much needed errands.  The entire trip around town consisted of, “I want to play.” “Can we go to the mall?” “I am hungry, can we eat McDonalds?” “I need a toy.” “Waa, Waa, Waa!” “Why does Biggie get to play with that toy?” “You don’t know my life!” “Mommy, will you paint my nails?”

I have come to the conclusion that I need earplugs for the car.  The sound of nagging and whining in a car is by far the worst noise I have ever heard in my entire life.  The thought of this makes me want to hide!

Saturday, I really enjoyed the day by taking Biggie out for a nice day at Wal-Mart.  This, however, started the biggest balloon catastrophe ever.  When I take Biggie out, I like to pretend he is my only child.  This is only because he never has been and never will be.  I like to treat him like I treated Sunny before he came along. 

So there we were, in the party section at Wally World and Biggie begins pointing and saying “booon”.  So how could I resist that face, and that voice.  So I look around and found the perfect Toy Story balloon.  He hugged the “booon” and loved on it the whole entire trip in and around Wal-Mart and the trip home.  The “booon” was his best friend.

This is when disaster strikes.  As soon as we were home, Sunny was at the door.  “Where is my balloon?” “Why didn’t I get anything?” “I need a balloon!!!”  It really sucks when you try and do something nice for one child and the other freaks out about it!  Anyways, not even 5 minutes after we arrived home, Biggie popped the balloon on the side of Sunny’s dollhouse.  He gave me the saddest puppy dog face ever and cried like someone had stolen his blankie. 

I felt so bad for him that I made Mr. Wonderful head out on a balloon mission.  He came back with two different balloons.  One had a happy face and the other was a ballon with different balls (football, baseball and basketball) on it.  Needless to say, Biggie likes Sunny’s ballon the best.  So, Sunny and I headed back to the store for her a new ballon because I had “no idea how hard her life is”.  I do not know where she comes up with this stuff lately but it is really dramatic. 

I can picture it now Sunny becoming an actress and appearing in a movie called “You don’t know my Life”.  She wins and Oscar for the best lead actress in a Drama. 

Anyways, we sorted out all the balloon drama and enjoyed a nice Easter Sunday!

It was a beautiful day, so we spent most of it outside.  Sunny and I did manage to go to the movies and it was a pretty enjoyable day.

Monday and Tuesday were not good though.  Every time I left the room Biggie cried.  He cried all day both days it seems like.  So this did not help my attempts at packing. On top of that, Sunny really wanted to go to the park, but our busy moving schedule and the fact that it rained had made it impossible.  There was more of the same whining from her.  All this whining has made me decide to put her in Summer Day camp.  She just makes me feel really overwhelmed when I cannot satisfy her every need.  She needs more than I can offer.  

If you know Sunny, you know she is full of life and very smart.  Currently, she is not being challenged to her full potential and this is causing her to be bored.  Biggie is much the same.  Lately, if we are not doing something with either one of them 24/7 they are whining or crying. 

On Tuesday, while Biggie was napping, Sunny opened the door and screamed.  This scream was shrill and the top of her lungs.  I jumped up and ran over to her, thinking she was hurt, but she was not.  I asked her what was wrong and she says “bee”.  I said..”where”.  Can you guess where..?  OUTSIDE!  She screamed because there was a bee outside the glass door.  Is that necessary?  When I asked this question, she then replied with the answer every 5 year old give their parents, "I don't know".

Tuesday night, I received a whole 5 hours of sleep thanks to Biggie getting up at 6:00am so Wednesday was already a rough day for me.  If you know me, you know I need about 10 hours of sleep.  Seriously.  I have been sick for the past week and a half so that makes me even more tired. 

So, I was standing in the shower getting ready to take Sunny to school.  I was enjoying the water and the fact that I would have 3 hours to myself when Sunny was at school and Biggie napped.  I enjoy those times.  Apparently, while I was in my makeshift world, Sunny sprayed herself in the eyes with Body Spray. 

Mr. Wonderful proceeded to help her rinse her eyes out but she screamed even louder. 

I just want to let you know, that Sunny is okay.  She survived the attack of the Body Spray and full vision has returned to her right eye but I have lost my hearing in my right ear.  Biggie has also calmed down some too.  Spring is hear, another reason to be thankful!

How was your spring break?

(Philippians 4:13) 13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.


Holly Renee said...

Oh my gosh you have some major stuff on your hands. I like how open you are about the challenges. I think it is so funny that she is saying, "You don't know how hard my life is." LOL!